How can I expand my symptom checker to provide more information?

Apart from the basic API configuration options, additional paid features can further expand and enrich the user journey of your patients, provide more detailed information, or expand your target groups. We present them below.

The typical interview flow, with expansion options:

  1. Welcome screen (core)
  2. Terms and conditions (core)
  3. 1st/3rd person point of view (complimentary)
  4. Pediatrics (extension)
  5. Age and gender (core)
  6. Common risk factors (complimentary) 
  7. Initial symptoms - (core)
  8. Regional risk factors - (complimentary)
  9. Related symptoms (complimentary) 
  10. Red flags (complimentary) 
  11. Interview - (core)
  12. Rationale (complimentary)
  13. Explanations (complimentary)
  14. Results screen (core)
  15. Specialist recommender (extension)
  16. Channel recommender (extension)
  17. Patient Education (extension) 


A group term for features enabling you to run interviews for the pediatric population. It includes symptoms, risk factors, and conditions for children from 0 to 18 years old. 

Apart from an additional medical knowledge base, Pediatrics also requires an additional screen that asks who the interview will be done for, similar to the 1st/3rd person point of the view screen.


Frame 38

Specialist Recommender

A feature that expands the Results screen by providing additional information, namely, the recommended medical specialist to seek out and follow up with post-interview. The list includes over 20 specialties.

Check the technical documentation ->


Frame 39

Channel Recommender

Another expansion of the Results screen, this one providing information about communication channels that match the patient’s triage level and possible conditions. This can be connected to booking systems for a more seamless experience. 

Technical documentation -> 

Patient Education

An expansion of the Results screen with self-service educational articles for patients. It provides additional knowledge for patients, including standard care methods, tips, and advice on how to stay healthy.

Technical documentation ->


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