Launch planning - 3 things to consider

Getting close to the end of the implementation process? Here’s what you should include before the launch.

As the implementation phase comes to an end, the excitement kicks in. There are still some technical issues to solve, deadlines are creating pressure, and everyone is in a rush. Despite that, there are still a few other things that a product or implementation manager should consider doing. These include an external review of the implementation, team onboarding, and setting up a launch strategy.

External review

You can only make a first impression once. Let someone external check your solution and ask questions that only an outsider can ask. Ideally, your end-users will test the implementation before its launch. If not, ask someone from your company who is not involved in the implementation. We can also help—Infermedica teams run technical pre-launch reviews to ensure that your solution is implemented correctly, doesn’t contain medical inaccuracies, and meets top-quality medical standards. 

Keep in mind that technical issues can impact the medical accuracy of the interview of a symptom checker. 

Feel free to use our technical checklist ->

Team onboarding

Most of the tools built on Infermedica’s platform end up in patients’ hands. Proper communication with patients is crucial as it’s the patients who will be using your symptom-checking tool, and their results will be available to your staff. That is why staff must be properly onboarded and trained. The types of employees might differ depending on the implementation—maybe they’ll be call center agents who schedule visits based on interview results, physicians who receive summaries of patients’ interviews, or support line workers that answer patients’ issues. Provide all of the information that your staff should know before the launch, give them time to learn new tools and ask questions, and make full use of them. 

Launch strategy

Think about the launch timing. Do you know what your team members should do? Are there other teams that should be involved? Have you prepared materials for the end-users? Do you plan to share the news with the media? Have you met all legal requirements? Record your answers to these questions, construct your launch strategy, and assign dates and responsible team members. The document doesn’t have to be long or complex, but it should be shared with all engaged parties, so that everyone knows what to do during the launch.

If you are missing information about the launch, gather your team to discuss it. Feel free to also consult with your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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