Symptom checking tools before the login - pros and cons

Here we’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of placing your symptom checker before your organization’s patient portal login


  • Users are more likely to engage with your services
  • Users are not scared away by a login (commitment) step
  • Users become familiar with your symptom checker
  • Easy, commitment-free point of entry to your services
  • Navigate users to your pre-filled booking system


  • Some patients/members are hesitant to set up an account. In this case, making the symptom checker accessible only after the login could increase the drop-off rate and lower the number of booked visits
  • It could add an extra step for patients who don’t require the use of a symptom checker
  • Some patients may enter false data to finish the interview faster, so the symptom checker will be filled with false data and provide inaccurate results
  • Presenting a symptom checker before login might require additional user training and awareness. It makes the product discovery stage more difficult.


AKw, NBo, AHe