Using JSON to integrate Infermedica and EHR systems

Yes, it is possible to build custom integrations between Infermedica API and other solutions, like EHR systems, using JSON.

Infermedica API is a well-documented, REST-based API that, instead of having a built-in EHR integration, receives data and responds with results in JSON format. 

JSON is one of the most common formats used to exchange data between systems and APIs, making it easier to ensure compatibility. JSON is also relatively intuitive and somewhat easily integrated allowing for a consistent user experience. For more information about JSON, please visit our Developer’s Portal.

Our API can accept known information about the patient before beginning an interview. Typical information passed into our system includes:

This data can be used to pre-fill medical interviews with information and possibly shorten the medical interview for the user.

In return, Infermedica API can share the collected and processed data. The data can be obtained via API responses. 


Please visit our Developer Portal to consult the API documentation and a list of Infermedica’s medical concepts.

For more information on the system integrations available, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

MCh, EMc