Is it possible to integrate Infermedica’s modules with other systems?

Yes, it is possible to build custom integrations between Infermedica’s modules and other solutions like EHR systems.

Infermedica supports the integration of its modules with external solutions. Every Infermedica module, like Triage or Intake, can be configured to export and import data to/from other systems. 

Usually basic patient data, like gender or age, is imported into Infermedica’s modules. By doing this, we can shorten the medical interview considerably, with the caveat being that the user has to have an account already that has that data. 

In return, Infermedica can export the data collected through the interview and its results like present and absent symptoms, risk factors, recommended triage levels, or possible conditions, which can later be passed on to systems like EHRs.

Data can be passed on in JSON format.

For a list of existing integrations, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager -> 

Building integrations is also possible via Infermedica API. For details, check here -> 

MCh, EMc